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100% Pain Free In Only 2 Months!

“I took Gabapentin every day for 2 years, it would leave me feeling sleepy and out of it and I would still wake up stiff. Even just being in the cold air for too long would make my shoulders hurt. So, I didn’t think Exodiol would work. But, after only 2 months I was pain free, no more Gabapentin.

I don’t worry about being in too much pain to leave the house anymore. And I’m enjoying the little things again like getting to all those hard-to-reach places when I shower. Or even being able to climb my foot stool to bring things down from my cupboard.

Thanks to Exodiol I’m 100% pain free and don’t need Gabapentin anymore.”

Yvonne Almaguer | 59 | El Paso, TX

The Transformation Convinced Me!

“When I first heard of CBD I thought it was a joke. Just pot heads wanting to keep getting high.

But after I read the medical studies that prove CBD works and I saw Dr. Gupta and Dr. Oz speak positively about it on their TV shows I started to become a believer.

What finally convinced me was when a close friend who suffered chronic pain become pain free in just a few months with CBD.

I knew then that I had to get CBD in the hands of more people, so I created Exodiol to do that.”

Victor Urbina | 41| CEO Davado Biosciences
| El Paso, TX